Throughout Honduras, we work to meet needs and improve quality of life for farming families as well as those living in urban areas. Creating sustainability and hope for these families is critical. Arenas of focus are agricultural education, health services, clean water and sanitation, orphan care, and spiritual support.

Europe and the Middle East

Due to war, political and religious persecution, and more, millions of refugees are in flux throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and beyond.  We work with partners to implement development strategies that provide stability and hope. TerraMica is committed to raising awareness and funds for development projects.

Oaxaca Earthquake Relief

Oaxaca has been hit by devastating earthquakes followed by storms and flooding. Patrick & Stephanie Aguirre are passionate about the people of Oaxaca, and have spearheaded a fundraising effort for humanitarian aid and relief for the people of southern Mexico most impacted. Read how the Aguirre’s ministered and oversaw the funds raised.


TerraMica impacts lives through a variety of humanitarian aid projects in the areas of agriculture, education and training, economic training, faith, and health projects. We are passionate about improving quality of life and sustainability for those in need. We’re all about sharing hope.

Chairman of the Board

Ed Apffel is Chairman of the Board of Directors, and founder of TerraMica, along with his wife, Pam.  Follow along with his posts to get a feel for his perspective and what drives his passion.


Join us on the journey as we share perspectives, insights, projects, and impact through our blog posts. You’ll get a view into our hearts and a snapshot of our service. Come along, and read our blog! We welcome your comments and feedback.